Shade's description....Edit

A large grayish black tom with blue eyes. VERY LONG claw's, has scar's all over his back and muzzle. Patches of fur missing around his legs and torso. A nick in his right ear,and claw mark's runing across his face leaving him blind in one eye. Rib's show and his eyes turn red when he's angry. Rogue. Roleplayer-Bluey


Straight out evil. Murderer. A dark and souless heart with no care left. When he was younger he was a sweet tom that loved his mate Dawn,but when he watched Dawn kill his brother he went off, Dawn had three kits and Shade made her watch as he killed two of them, the other kit, he liked. He attacked Dawn for no reason when he was angry. When Frog,his only kit,was three moons old he made her watch him kill her mother slowly and painfully,hoping it would make Frog evil too....But it didn't work. Frog had ran away to the clan's and was taken in by Shadowclan. Hoping that she would never see her father again.